Grieve's No. 919 conveyor oven is constructed to have all safety devices required for gas-heated equipment onboard

Grieve's No. 919 seven-zone, gas-heated belt conveyor oven is designed to cure various coatings onto ceramic parts. Maximum operating temperatures are made to be 350°F in Zones 1-4 and 1000°F in Zones 5-7. Workspace dimensions are built to measure 51”W x 56’D x 15”H, with a 30” long open belt loading zone, four 3’ long insulated heat zones with independent recirculated airflow and temperature control (350°F), 30” long open zone, three 3’ long insulated heat zones with independent recirculated airflow and temperature control (1000°F), 9’ long cooling zone and 3’ long open unloading zone.

400,000 BTU/hr. are made to be installed in modulating natural gas burners in Zones 1-4, with 500,000 BTU/hr. in Zones 5-7. A 1/2” wide, B36-20-12-14, Type 316 stainless steel balanced weave conveyor belt is built to be powered by a 1-HP motor drive, variable from 1.5 to 30 inches per minute. A 30,000 CFM, 30-HP recirculating blower is built to provide vertical upward airflow to the workload in Zones 1-4, while 25,000 CFM, 20-HP unit in Zone 5 and 12,500 CFM, 10-HP units in Zones 6-7 do likewise. Two 36” diameter tubeaxial fans, each driven by a 5-HP motor, are made to push/pull air through the oven’s cooling zone.

This Grieve belt conveyor oven is designed to feature an aluminized steel exterior and Type 316L, 2B finish stainless steel interior with continuously welded seams. There are 4” thick insulated walls in Zones 1-4 and 8” thick insulated walls, comprising 2” of 1900°F block and 6” of 10 lb/cf density rockwool, in Zones 5-7. The unit is constructed to have top mounted heating chambers, doors for access to the work space and heat chambers in each zone and is designed to be split into two sections for easier shipment. No. 919 is constructed to have onboard all safety devices required by IRI, FM and NFPA Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment, as well as digital indicating temperature controllers.

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