Grieve's No. 1032 is built to feature 6” insulated walls

Grieve's No. 1032 is a 500ºF, electrically-heated walk-in oven that is designed to cure large parts in molds at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven are designed to measure 62” W x 79” D x 45” H. 60 kW are installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat the oven chamber, while a 6000 CFM, 5-HP recirculating blower is designed to provide combination airflow to the workload. This Grieve walk-in oven is built to feature 6” insulated walls, aluminized steel exterior and interior, a two-lane roller conveyor inside and outside the oven for loading, top-mounted heating chamber, electrically-operated vertical lift door at the rear of the oven, 62” W x 45” H front access doors, fully insulated floor and integral leg stand. Controls on No. 1032 are engineered to include a digital indicating temperature controller, manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors, SCR power controller, recirculating blower airflow safety switch and fused disconnect switch.

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