GE’s Prolec-GE Multitap Transformer is designed for onshore artificial lift operations

GE’s Digital Energy business introduced the new Prolec-GE Multitap Transformer, designed to establish a more reliable supply of electricity to oil and gas drills. The Prolec-GE Multitap Transformer is a response to the growing industrial trend to deliver customized power to energy-intensive industries such as oil and gas.

Designed for onshore artificial lift operations, the Multitap Transformer works through electrical distribution system disturbances. It is engineered to operate under a variety of conditions, including humidity, ultraviolet radiation, chemical pollution and saline fog environments.

The Multitap Transformer powers the pump during artificial lift extraction methods, engineered to increase the flow of oil from a production well to the surface. The Multitap Transformer is made to enable oil and gas drillers to change the voltage of the transformer to ensure a continuous supply of energy.

The Multitap Transformer is used to increase secondary voltage. It includes a robust core and coil design that supports short-circuit forces and prevents the rectangular coil from distorting under fault conditions. The transformer is also designed and constructed under stringent quality standards and can be customized to meet a customer’s specific needs.

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