General Tools and Instruments' PalmScope is built to enable users to maneuver in very narrow, tight spaces

General Tools and Instruments' PalmScope is designed to be a pocket-sized video inspection system. It’s built to survive the environments of HVACR maintenance and plumbing, not to mention any rigorous tasks DIYers might subject it to. The PalmScope’s clamshell design is made to allow the camera-tipped probe to be coiled safely and conveniently inside the device. Plus, it can be operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to use tools.

The PalmScope is built to have countless HVACR and plumbing applications, such as detecting leaks and cracks in ducts and piping, inspecting for corrosion and deposit buildup, and reading hidden part and serial numbers. This cutting-edge precision specialty instrument is constructed to offer a way to visually inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas and diagnose hidden problems without disassembly or teardown.

With just five control buttons—power on/off, brightness up, brightness down, video zoom and video flip— the PalmScope is made to be user-friendly. The video zoom button is built to allow the user to zoom up to 4X, increasing the odds of spotting elusive problems. The 180-degree video flip function is designed to make it easier to read upside-down labels and serial numbers by instantly turning them right-side up.

The integral 2 ft. (0.6m) long probe with a 0.35 in. (9mm) diameter camera tip is built to enable users to maneuver in very narrow, tight spaces. It’s also built to be water, oil and dust-proof to IP67 standard. The camera is constructed to offer a depth of field of 1 in. to 10 ft. (25mm to 3m) and a 60-degree field of view. Four LEDs on the camera head are made to produce video on a 2.7 in. (69mm) LCD screen with 320 x 240 pixel resolution (QVGA). Featuring thermoplastic rubber (TPR) housing, the unit is designed to be certified drop-proof to a height of 3.4 ft. (1m). The PalmScope is made to include four probe tip accessories—45-degree mirror, pickup hook, magnetic pickup and thread protector—plus a nylon pouch with belt clip, a User’s Manual and a 1-year limited warranty.

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