GE's Albeo LED lighting portfolio is constructed for greater efficiency and to meet the latest global standards

GE Lighting has expanded its Albeo LED high bay lighting portfolio to offer greater efficiency than previous generations and to meet the latest global standards. GE’s Albeo ABH2-Series and ABHG-Series LED Luminaires is made to be a modular lighting solution for retrofit and new construction of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, cold storage, sports arenas, convention centers and other commercial spaces with high ceilings. With greater foot-candle performance and a life rating of 100,000 hours at L70, GE says that the new LED lighting fixtures will help increase light levels while reducing lighting energy costs and associated maintenance.

Featuring a configurable design that can accommodate up to six LED modules, the ABH2-Series LED Luminaire is a one-to-one replacement for ABHX-Series models. It is available in 15 lumen packages that are designed to deliver light while consuming less energy. The ABHG-Series offers a customizable design that can accommodate up to four modules, is available in a CE-certified version and is engineered to optimize the LED system inside the fixture to yield energy efficiency.

The new LED lighting fixtures feature the same innovative heat-sinking and improved LED technology, as well as various lensing options to provide illumination with minimal glare and improved uniformity for open floor and racked aisle environments. The fixtures’ aluminum housing are constructed for manufacturing and sporting environments where harsh conditions and traveling debris can interfere with and damage lighting structures.

Both LED lighting fixtures can replace a range of legacy high bay lighting systems—250-watt to 1500-watt high-intensity discharge (HID) and four- to eight-lamp T5/T8 high-intensity fluorescent lighting. They can be paired with motion, daylight and wireless controls for energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

GE Albeo led luminaires
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