Franklin's Energy Management Starter limits the inrush of electric current, saving energy

Franklin Control Systems, formerly Cerus Industrial, announced the release of the Energy Management Starter – Reduced Voltage (EMS-RV), which is an extension of the EMS motor starter, featuring protection and monitoring.

The EMS-RV soft-starter limits the inrush of electric current, particularly on larger horsepower motors, saving energy. Current limit is adjustable, as is the initial voltage and start/stop time. The EMS-RV’s start features are completed with torque boost. Soft stop modes include coast, voltage ramp, and linear deceleration. In emergency situations, the EMS-RV has the ability to start across the line. Once the motor is running, it’s protected by a programmable wide range electronic overload.

Installation and automation of the EMS-RV is streamlined through the use of Modbus RTU communication, and a wide range, class 5-30 electronic overload and wide range voltage operation (208 to 480 VAC) prevents installation call-backs due to mis-sized thermal overloads and nuisance trips.

The EMS-RV reduces the energy consumed within buildings by reducing starting voltage. In addition, the product delivers valuable point of use energy consumption data via Modbus communication. Accurate to .5% on energy metering, the EMS-RV can assist in earning points toward LEED building certification.


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