Four HydroFlow Coolant Recycling Systems from Eriez minimize fluid disposal and improve plant productivity

A HydroFlow Coolant Recycling System from Eriez is designed to recycle any water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential. Four systems available range in size from small to large and feature low maintenance, unattended operation, and fast return on investment.

The CRS 120SS unit has convenient side-by-side tank design and is equipped with a Coalescer, built for removing free and mechanically mixed tramp oils. The CRS 120SS can also be fitted with a high speed centrifuge (either initially or at a later date) constructed to remove not only the free-floating and mechanically mixed tramp oil, but also those bacteria-feeding tramp oils that have been partially emulsified into the metalworking fluids.

The CRS 120ST model's stacked tank design is madefor the shop trying to conserve floor space. With its standard high-speed centrifuge, this system is built for complete recycling of any metalworking coolant. Because the CRS 120ST is produced to use a true high-speed centrifuge, the recycling system is built to only need the fluid to pass once through the system in order to remove tramp oils, particulate matter and a substantial portion of the bacterial population.

The CRS 300ST unit is designed to deliver an even larger centrifuge for higher processing rates. The feature packed system is constructed to allow greater flexibility for adding optional equipment. The CRS 300ST series is built to offer an optional dual product design, the CRS 200/200 ST, which features two dirty and two clean tanks for those facilities using two metalworking fluids.

Finally, the CRS 300SS model is a complete, full capability recycling system made for the medium-to-large sized plant equipped with machine tools utilizing individual coolant sumps. In its standard design, the CRS 300SS is designed to meet the recycling requirements of facilities with up to 10,000 gallons of total sump capacity.

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