Emerson's Fisher Type 63EGLP Bulk Storage Relief Valve is designed to reduce maintenance costs

Emerson Process Management's Fisher Type 63EGLP Bulk Storage Tank Relief Valve is designed for use on 30,000 gallon and larger propane tank applications. The Type 63EGLP is made to offer multiple benefits over traditional multiport relief valves, including a 40% increase in relief capacity, a 20% weight reduction for easier installation, and reduced maintenance costs. The UL-certified relief valve is constructed for bulk propane storage relief installations compliant with NFPA 58.

The Type 63EGLP is created to achieve greater relief capacity by incorporating a highly accurate pilot controlling valve. The Type 63EGLP’s dual-pilot design is designed to provide high accuracy relief and the ability to service one pilot while the other pilot controls the relief valve for uninterrupted relief protection.

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