Emerson's System Plast conveyor belt is designed to eliminate impact and abrasion damage

Emerson's System Plast multi-directional, roller-top conveyor belt features the ability to align packages to any angle, divert them, sort to multiple lanes, rotate, combine, or gap them – all non-contact.

The roller-top belt is created to make packages appear to float on air for orientation, combining, sortation, gapping or diversion. Emerson says that the multidirectional roller-top belt is one of three Interpack conveyors demonstrating sustainable operations and noise reduction.

System Plast 2253RT roller-top belt is constructed to simplify conveyor system design and installation with its independently controlled moving surface that provides multi-function. The roller-top surface handles large or small flat-bottom products, moving them on 12.5 mm balls spaced on 25.4 mm (1") centers. It was made to support loads up to 9,000 Nm/m (617 lb/ft) or 0.5 kg/ball (1.1 lb/ball). The belt's non-contact product manipulation is designed to eliminate impact and abrasion damage from pushers, as well as the need for mechanical adjustment or changeovers for conventional diverters or guides. The belt is engineered to be low-friction with a 8.7-mm (0.34") thick, acetal main belt, comprised of small cells carrying polyamide balls. Secondary drive belts underneath the plastic belt are made to control the speed and rotation of the balls to manipulate packages while the belt is moving or stopped.

Emerson RTB belt display
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