Dwyer Instruments Inc.'s series WE34 Flanged Stainless Steel Ball Valve are constructed of aluminum

Dwyer Instruments Inc.'s series WE34 Automated 3-Way 150# Flanged Stainless Steel Ball Valve is designed to incorporate a full port 3-way 150# flanged stainless steel valve for great flow rates with minimal pressure drop. The valve is built to feature a blowout proof stem for added safety, reinforced PTFE seats and seals for longer life, and a 316SS (ASTM CF8M) ball for better performance. Actuators are constructed to be direct mounted. Limit switches are made to be mounted directly to the valves allowing for remote position indication.

The Series WE34 is created to be configured with either an electric or pneumatic actuator. Electric actuators are made to be available in weatherproof or explosion-proof, a variety of supply voltages and two-position modulating control. Two-position actuators are designed to use the supply voltage to drive the valve open or closed, while the modulating actuator is built to accept a 4 to 20mA input for valve positioning. Actuators are constructed to feature thermal overload protection and permanently lubricated gear train.

The pneumatic double acting actuator is built to use an air supply to drive the valve open and closed. The actuator is constructed to have two supply ports, with one driving the valve open and the other driving the valve closed. Spring return pneumatic actuators are built to use the air supply to open the valve and internally loaded springs return the valve to the closed position. Actuators are constructed of anodized and epoxy coated aluminum.

DwyerInstr WE34 DDA03 T1 AA01
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