CAS DataLoggers and Novus Automation's Novus AirGate-GPRS is built to include an antenna with magnetic base

CAS DataLoggers and Novus Automation's Novus AirGate-GPRS is designed for remote access to a Modbus network while sending alarm and status notifications by SMS messaging. The device is built to feature two onboard analog or digital inputs for cost-effective telemetry applications such as cold chain supply for controlling temperatures in refrigerated products, 24/7 product tracking from manufacturer to receiver, even for solar farm operation.

When configured with a data plan SIM card, access to the Novus Cloud Gateway server is made to be available through the GSM/GPRS network enabling remote access to Modbus slaves. The two local and configurable RS 485 interfaces are constructed to provide a connection to remote Modbus devices through the cloud gateway. A remote master is built to communicate using Modbus TCP through the Internet, reaching the AirGate through its GPRS connection to the cloud. A second master is made to be locally connected to a SCADA system using the USB port. One of its RS485 ports is designed to be able to be configured as a slave and connected to a third master, like an HMI, or like a master to start a new Modbus network segment with additional slaves. The other RS485 port is designed to connect to the main RS485 network segment, containing only slaves. Routing and multiplexing Modbus packets through its four communication interfaces is made to add innovative functionalities with minimum performance loss, and the AirGate is designed to have an RS485 baud rate from 1200 to 115200 bps.

The Novus Cloud Gateway is designed to provide a new way to store, analyze and export historic data from remote or local processes. Acting as a simple packet router or online data storage server, the Cloud Gateway is created to offer an intuitive web interface that allows users to view recent data, connection status, reports and also system exceptions of all remote telemetry points. These dataloggers are made to be user-friendly with a simplified interface. The device is designed to be fully compatible with the Novus AirGate Modbus Gateway for monitoring and storage, while the USB port allows PC connection as a virtual COM port--for example the device can be connected to a PLC.

The AirGate GPRS is constructed to feature two inputs configurable either as analog (4-20 mA or 0-10 V) or digital, and is built to include an antenna with magnetic base and 3m cable with an option for a cable-less antenna. The gateway’s ABS enclosure is designed to be rated at IP40 protection and can be mounted to a DIN rail. Using a 10 to 35 Vdc power supply, the AirGate GPRS is also made to be capable of standalone operation.

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