Camfil Air Pollution Control's Stinger Explosion Isolation Valve is built to isolate dust collector explosions

Camfil Air Pollution Control's Stinger explosion isolation valve is designed to isolate dust collector explosions to prevent a deflagration from traveling back through the inlet pipe of the dust collector into the workspace. The Stinger is made to be certified by an independent testing agency to comply with NFPA standards. It is built to be retrofitted onto dust collection systems and used with new or existing Farr Gold Series dust collectors. The Stinger valve is designed with a lightweight, patent-pending composite blade that reacts with the highest possible speed in the event of an explosion. The composite material is built with a smooth surface.

When the valve is fully closed, a latching mechanism is designed to keep it shut. The closed valve is built to prevent the transmission of flame and keep smoke, dust and burning debris from traveling through the inlet pipe into the factory. The blade is made to be replaceable. A wear-resistant liner that also functions as a wear indicator is constructed to show when the blade needs to be replaced.

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