Boge's oil-free screw compressors are designed to be water-cooled with optional frequency control

The water-cooled screw compressors in Boge's SO series are designed to produce oil-free compressed air for sensitive applications. Their design and cooling principle are built to provide a reliable supply of oil-free compressed air with lower energy costs.

Boge has reworked the water-cooled screw compressors in their 45 to 90 kW range. The screw compressors are built to use up to eight percent less energy while still generating up to six percent more compressed air. Compressors in the SO series are also made to be three decibels quieter in operation.

The use of a two-stage airend, with a low pressure and a high-pressure stage, is designed for low specific power consumption of these compressors. The rotors are finished with a coating that is made to prevent the rotors and housing from corroding.

The SO series' side doors are made to be removed and are built to require minimal clearance at the sides. The high-grade materials used, as well as the number of wear parts, are designed to cut maintenance costs and prolong service life. A radial fan is used to vent the hood, designed to provide a powerful intake of air that allows longer exhaust air ducts to be used, and making the compressor agreeably quiet in operation. All models are also available with an optional cowl cooler or heat recovery system.

All 45 - 90 kW rated models in the SO series are available with frequency control, designed to match compressed air output to the actual demanad at any time. In peak load operation, where compressed air demand fluctuates or storage volume is limited, this is made to lower energy costs, since the amount of free air delivered by the compressor is adjusted by continuously varying the motor speed. This is constructed to save wear and tear on materials, minimizes maintenance costs and reduces reaction times in operation to a minimum.

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