AutoCrib's IntelliPort Lite tracks movement of products

AutoCrib's IntelliPort Lite is the company’s latest radio frequency identification (RFID) portal. The IntelliPort Lite mimics the company’s traditional IntelliPort product but it is meant for smaller crib environments. Placed at a gateway point, the IntelliPort Lite is engineered to track the movement of products in and out of a controlled area.

Authorized employees gain access through the locked gates of the IntelliPort Lite gateway using their employee badge or number. The gateway has a checkout system that, with a push of a button, automatically scans RFID tags on items, issues a receipt and unlocks the doors for exit. All of the data is stored in the IntelliPort Lite system for tracking. IntelliPort Lite also includes a returns process that senses and tracks items being returned and unlocks the doors once the scanners confirm no items are in hand.

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