Assured Automation's FireBags feature FM Fire-Safe shutoffs

Assured Automation's FireBag works only for propane, natural gas, and butane gas. It is a fitting that has a fusible link inside of it. The fitting goes in line with the gas flow. If the temperature rises to the trigger temperature of 203-212°F (95-100°C), melting the metal alloy in the fusible link, a spring is released to close the flow of gas. The safety device will shut down the flammable gas, preventing it from feeding the fire.

The FM Fire-Safe shutoffs are available with 5 different trigger temperatures: 165° F (74° C), 212° F (100° C), 286° F (141° C), 360° F (182° C), 500° F (260° C). And they are also available with an Electro-thermal shutoff as well as thermal, so a smoke detector can signal the shutoff.

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