Anysize pneumatic-based positioning system is designed for mechanical conveyors

Parker Hannifin Corporation and Flexibility Engineering have collaborated to create a new model of the Anysize pneumatic-based positioning system. The newest addition to the line, the Compact Anysize, is designed specifically to fit into tighter spaces for conventional mechanical conveyors.

Users need only input a desired guide rail width, and the technology automatically makes a thousand or more positioner adjustments, to tolerances of a few millimeters from each other, down the entire length of the line.

Anysize's technology is based purely on the pressure of the plant’s compressed air system. The air pressure acts on a positioner to apply force (up to about 10 lbs.) on a heavy spring, which moves an exact distance for a given force. Anysize also includes a control component called the Regulated Air Distribution (RAD) box that regulates air pressure. The RAD box includes filters to ensure clean dry air along with pneumatic components to smooth fluctuations in the plant air.

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