Allegro Industries introduces five models of low-pressure ambient air pumps

Allegro Industries introduces five models of low-pressure ambient air pumps, in addition to high-pressure air-carts, filtration panels, cascade kits, and accessories.

Low-pressure air sources include the Allegro family of Ambient Air Pumps. Pumps are portable and oil-less, producing no carbon monoxide, oil vapor or oil mist. Models include a one-, two-, three-, and six-worker pump and an air-driven model for use when electric power is unavailable or undesirable. The Flow Test Kit, which checks the volume of air that gets to the respirator, contains a flow meter and a full assortment of quick connect plugs and adapters to fit any respirator airline hose. 

The Allegro Air-Carts can supply two to five workers with breathable compressed air. Useful as either a primary or emergency air source, the Air-Cart is available in either a low pressure (2216psig) or a high pressure (4500psig) configuration. The Air-Cart accepts all standard SCBA cylinders and features a low cylinder pressure alarm and n-line check valve to allow uninterrupted air flow to the users while replacing depleted cylinders.

Filtration panels include an AC/DC-powered, portable unit called Carry-Air, which is housed in a rugged Pelican case. The wall-mounted AC/DC units, called Wall-Air, are for more permanent job sites. Both are available for 1, 2, 5, 8 or 12 airline respirator users, providing up to 15, 30, 60, 100 or 150 cfm of breathing air.

The design of the high-pressure 4 or 6 Worker Multi-Regulator Filtration Panel allows each regulator to be individually adjusted at different pressure settings. Each individual pressure gauge can be monitored through the viewing window from outside the rugged case. Allegro’s Inline Filter Panels feature single outlet and single inlet filter panels that provide airline respirators a portable source of breathable air.

The filtration panels include a variety of accessories including CO monitors, alarms, calibration kits and Point-of-Attachment systems. The Remote CO Monitor alerts workers when the level of carbon monoxide has exceeded 10 ppm (5 ppm in Canada). The Remote CO Alarm System With Strobe warns of the presence of carbon monoxide with a 90 decibel alarm and a flashing strobe light (for noisy environments). The Economy Remote CO Alarm has the same features as the Remote CO Alarm with a smaller profile. The Low Flow Alarm is a low pressure warning device designed to sound when the air pressure falls below the preset. The pressure switch is field adjustable. The Source Pre-Filter extends the life of the filter panel’s disposable filters by remove liquids and contaminates down to 5 microns. Allegro makes calibration a simple, automatic procedure with the new O2 Monitor Kit. Durable, reliable, and water-resistant for on the job flexibility, the kit features include a full function self test sensor, battery status and audible and visual alarms on start up. The CO Monitor Calibration Test Kit includes a 17 liter cylinder each of Span Gas and Zero Gas, a constant flow pressure regulator with gauge and tubing in a plastic carrying case.

The O2 Calibration Kit comes with integrated carry handle and used to check and calibrate the O2 Monitor with a 17 liter cylinder and continuous flow pressure. The Point-of-Attachment (POA) Air Control System is housed in a Pelican carry case that can be wall mounted and includes an adjustable pressure regulator, pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve. Also offered in an economy model, the Economy POA has the same features without a Pelican carry case.   

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