Alignment Supplies' ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER combines mobile technology with a shaft alignment interface

Alignment Supplies' ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER is designed to be a system that combines aspects of Apple's iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone with a shaft alignment interface. The ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER is built to feature shaft alignment interfaces in a 3D layout with live alignment diagrams and Graduated Tolerance Control. Vertical and Horizontal misalignment results are made to be shown in a 3D view. Measurement program Apps, like Shaft Alignment and Soft Foot, are constructed to be downloaded from the App Store. The ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER system is built to consist of two laser measuring units, pre-assembled on Versatile Shaft Brackets (with adaptable components for mounting with chains or magnets), extension rods, and more - all in a case. The ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER is part of the MFi (Made for iPad) program.

The ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER is constructed to incorporate the ability to perform a standard 9-12-3 clock position measurement, or use two 20 degree rotations of the shafts. Additionally, the system is built to include help functions like video demonstrations and instructions. The ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER also is made to feature Graduated Tolerance Control, giving users the ability to use both “Acceptable” and “Excellent” tolerances during the alignment. The ALiSENSOR SHAFTLASER is designed to create PDF reports which can be preset with template information like Company Name, Operator, Company Logo, and more. The system also is built to possess the ability to include a photo of the machine (taken with the built-in camera of the iOS device) directly in the report. The report file is saved when the measurement is complete, and can be shared via email, mms, and even cloud services such as Dropbox.

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