Alicat Scientific’s MCD-Series is designed to allow users to access setpoint control and PID valve tuning

Alicat Scientific, Inc.’s MCD-Series Bidirectional Mass Flow and Pressure Controllers are designed to control mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate and absolute pressure of gases in two flow directions. This design is made to accommodate process control requirements in gas analysis, leak testing and environmental applications.

With an inlet valve and an exhaust valve, a single MCD is built to control upstream and downstream flows, as well as positive pressure or backpressure in both open and closed systems. It’s made for processes that require bidirectional flow control and/or pressure control, as well as for pressure control in closed systems, while also monitoring mass flow. User-selectable control modes are constructed to allow users to switch between mass flow, volumetric flow and absolute pressure measurement and control for maximum flexibility.

Alicat’s patented, internally compensated laminar differential pressure measurement is designed to yield linear results over a very wide flow range. The resulting volumetric and mass flow data is made to be compensated for changes in pressure and temperature and corrected for the user’s standard temperature and pressure (STP). Available 0.4% accuracy +0.2% full-scale repeatability and less than 100ms control response times is built to ensure top performance of gas flow processes.

The MCD-Series’ large integrated display is designed to allow users to access setpoint control and PID valve tuning without need for a computer. While it can operate as a standalone device, it also is built to come with analog and RS-232 digital communications to integrate into process control instrumentation. It is made to come with 30 field selectable calibrations, and is designed to be available in full-scale mass flow rates from -0.5/+0.5 sccm to -3000/+3000 slpm. All units are constructed to be backed by NIST-traceable calibration, comprehensive technical support, and a lifetime warranty.

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