Air Control Industries' ‘EP10AH’ industrial blower is engineered to function in high temperature environments

Air Control Industries ‘EP10AH’ industrial blower is engineered for working in high temperature environments of up to 180 degrees Celcius. Other features are constructed to enable the EP10AH to function effectively in such high temperatures include the use of de-rated AC motors (standard motors effective up to 40oC) and a ‘finger-proof’ pierced metal belt guard (replacing the vacuum formed standard cover) that is built to allow air to enter and circulate freely. The EP10 family of blowers is designed with a low maintenance requirement because the blower head is cast and machined as a single piece with equally spaced bearings configured specifically to provide even loading from the belt drive. The single piece construction also is engineered to guarantee correct alignment of the integrated precision spindle. Contributing to the EP10’s durability are the specially engineered hybrid ceramic bearings that are designed to be sealed for life to prevent ingress of contaminant and retain the high-performance grease. Power rating options for ACI’s EP10AH hot air blower are: 7.5, 10, 15 and 20HP.

ACI EP10AH high temp blower
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