Advantech's AWS-8248 and AWS-8259 IP65 certified industrial workstations offer a better viewing of information

Advantech's IP65 certified industrial workstations AWS-8248 and AWS-8259, with their 15” XGA TFT LCD with LED backlight displays, PICMG 1.3 slots, and membrane keypads, are made for machine builders and factory automation.

The LED backlit displays are designed to save energy and allow for the better viewing of information and clarity. The PICMG slots are constructed to offer expandability and a flexible configuration to support a PCI serial interface. The membrane keyboard is designed to offer programmability to allow users to build systems that meet their exact requirements.

The distinguishing features of the AWS-8248V is that it is constructed with 13 PICe/PCI/PICMG 1.3 slots and by providing three card-cages and wing nut fasteners for add-on cards, CPU card, and power supply, this model is made to be simple to maintain. The AWS-8248V also is made to include: two 3.5" HDDs with mobile rack drive & DVD-ROM drive in back of chassis and onscreen display (OSD) operation keypad on the front panel. The AWS-8248V is coated in a hard anodic layer designed for further security in harsh environments.

The AWS-8259 is built with a detachable 15” 1024x768 display which is made to provide easy access for maintenance. The AWS-8259 is made with seven PICe/PCI/PICMG 1.3 slots and its keypad, touch pad, and front panel are designed to be waterproof so it can be cleaned in rigorous environments.

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