Zero Surge's surge suppression products are certified for worst-case surge endurance

Zero Surge offers a line of surge suppression products with filter technologies. The product line encompasses a range of solutions offering safeguards for commercial or residential applications. All products are certified for worst-case surge endurance.

The family of Zero Surge products includes plug-in models (from 2 to 10 outlets), commercial and industrial units for branch circuit protection, OEM open chassis modules, and specialty units developed for applications such as emergency management centers and data centers, among others. Custom solutions can also be engineered to meet particular requirements.

All Zero Surge solutions benefit from WVR (Wide Voltage Range) filter technology, which effectively senses and suppresses power line surges over a wide voltage range (whether power is low at 85V, high at 175V, or anywhere in between). In addition, models are available with TSC (Total Surge Cancellation) technology designed to ensure zero let-through of damaging surge energy. All Zero Surge products additionally remove EMI/RFI fluctuations from power lines that otherwise could disrupt signals and degrade equipment over time.

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