Yokogawa's Fast/Tools R9.05 SCADA suite brings together process management infrastructure and ecosystem support

Yokogawa's Fast/Tools R9.05 SCADA suite is designed to deliver a solution that brings together process management infrastructure and ecosystem support for greater efficiency and improved operational agility. This latest release offers enhanced data acquisition, system integration, and remote operations, and allows the deployment of information to subscribers through a secure cloud service.

With this new release, it is now possible to create an environment for the real-time capture of operational, maintenance, and business information, allowing improved  visualization of information and, showing with a single view, its impact on performance.

This software can be used to monitor main production facilities. Dashboards deliver cross-referenced information on  business performance factors, along with data on energy efficiency, carbon emissions, and direct cost savings that can be used to determine the effectiveness of efforts to reduce energy consumption and waste and monitor compliance with environmental standards. A single user interface allows for the integration of the document management, video/ CCTV, maintenance, and other software environments.

The variety and number of alarms have increased with the introduction of more intelligent  functions in process installations and the integration of asset management, business, and planning data from other systems into the SCADA environment. ASPA eases the process of defining key performance measurements, analyzing alarm system behavior, and presenting this from different angles. This delivers a holistic overview, providing guidance on improvements that can be made to create an alarm management and analysis environment that is compliant with the EEMUA 191 and ISA/ANSI 18.2 standards.

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