Yaskawa's Simple Education System is a PC-based training simulator

Yaskawa Motoman’s Simple Education System (SES-II) is a PC-based training simulator that allows customers to learn to operate and program Motoman robots in the virtual world, while keeping their actual robots in production. 

Students can now take IACET-accredited Operator, Basic Programming, Advanced Programming and Ladder Programming courses for the DX100 robot controller. Using the SES-II units, any conference room at the customer’s site or local meeting center can be used as a classroom for virtual robot training.

The SES-II consists of a self-contained controller, laptop computer and standard robot programming pendant. Designed to fit under a desk or conference table, the portable SES-II units are approximately 19” L x 14” W x 21” H. Wheels allow the 55-lb SES-II units to be moved. SES-II units run on standard 110-V AC power. Each SES-II unit also includes an I/O device, enabling students to learn how to communicate with external devices such as positioners, conveyors, machine tools and other peripherals.

yaskawa motoman simple education system
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