Viega Zero Lead bronze alloy fittings exceed lead-free regulations

Viega Zero Lead bronze alloy fittings are designed to provide durable press connections while exceeding the state and federal lead-free regulations. The Viega Zero Lead fittings are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex G, which requires a lead content of less than 0.25 percent; Viega's fittings contain less than 0.1 percent lead.

Viega offers a complete line of lead-free fittings in copper, 316 stainless steel, Zero Lead bronze, Eco Brass and high-performance polymer which already meet the upcoming 2014 national lead-free requirements. All of its PEX tubing, PEX Press polymer fittings, PEX Crimp PolyAlloy fittings, ProPress copper fittings, ProPress for stainless fittings and pipe, Viega ManaBloc and Viega MiniBloc already meet the approaching lead-free requirements

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