Swagelok jacketed tube connectors provide a leak-tight connection while protecting tubing from harsh conditions

The Swagelok jacketed tube connector (JTC) is engineered to connect jacketed tubing systems, while protecting tubing from external degradation in corrosive environments. Designed to safeguard against environmental ingress in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, and pulp industries, the JTC provides a leak-tight, Swagelok tube fitting connection between sections of single-jacketed tubing.

The jacketed tube connector’s design combines tube fitting technology with an O-ring seal and an environmental jacket seal nut, providing a leak-tight seal on the stainless steel core of the jacketed tubing and a water-tight seal on the outer diameter (OD) of the jacketed tubing.

The connector is available in all standard tube fitting configurations and for use with 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch jacketed tubing with up to 1/16 inch in nominal jacketed thickness. Operating temperature ranges from -67 to 180 °F (-55 to 82 °C) and working pressures up to 5 100 psig (420 bar).

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