Sullair's SP Oil/Water Separators filter contaminants from compressed air systems

Sullair's SP Oil/Water Separators are designed to control liquid condensate containing oil and various other contaminants created by compressed air systems. Sullair SP Oil/Water Separators are designed specifically for molecular filtration of condensate, including emulsified lubricants produced by compressed air equipment, where they have a 100% performance guarantee of less than 10 ppm oil carryover. Sullair SP Oil/Water Separators are furnished in three models: SP-25, SP-40 and SP-60. These models range from 20 to 3000 scfm maximum compressor capacity, and provide a working temperature range of 30 °F minimum to 155 °F maximum.

Featuring HDPE construction, Sullair SP Oil/Water Separators are built to be virtually maintenance free. All SP models contain a high quality media substrate that is formulated to attract and restrain contaminants while repelling water molecules. Unlike gravity-type separators, Sullair SP Oil/Water Separators require no pumps, sensors or pre-separation filter pads. Condensate from the waste stream flows through the media bed where lubricants are trapped, and cleansed water flows to the outlet. When water turns cloudy, or the unit change period is reached, SP unit disposal can be easily arranged through routine waste management pick-up service.

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