Schneider Electric's Sarix TI Series Thermal Imaging IP cameras offer improved images for predictive maintenance

Schneider Electric's Pelco High-Resolution Sarix TI Series Thermal Imaging (TI) IP cameras are built on the Sarix technology platform, and provide a digital end-to-end IP solution that allows for integration into a variety of third-party systems. The camera is built to have longer detection, recognition and identification ranges.

The High-Resolution Sarix TI Series IP cameras are available in fixed or pan/tilt enclosures designed for outdoor deployment and offer unprecedented protection beyond four miles when outfitted with a 100mm lens. In addition to the 100mm lens, the camera is also available with four other lens configurations: 6.25mm, 14.25mm, 35mm and 50mm focal lengths.

Key features of the new High-Resolution Sarix TI Series IP cameras:

  • Delivering up to 640x480 thermal video resolution, these positioning and fixed cameras provide sensitivity below 50 milliKelvins at f/1.0 and are capable of multiple display formats, including white hot, black hot and various color signatures. The Sarix TI maintains a full sensor dynamic range (16 bits) and keeps the signal in the digital domain for all image and analytics processing rather than converting to an analog signal. This series also allows up to two simultaneous video streams in IP installations.
  • While thermal imaging has historically been deployed in closed, proprietary video management systems, the Sarix TI supports a variety of video management systems and is easily integrated into existing video networks.
  • The Sarix TI comes standard with integrated camera analytics at no additional charge, including adaptive motion, object counting, stopped vehicle, loitering detection and camera sabotage, which are customizable for a wide range of applications. In addition, alarms can be integrated into the system and users can be alerted via email with alerts, images and/or hardware alarms.
  • The compact, lightweight aluminum camera is designed for environmental protection, complete with sun shroud and heater/defroster. The system has a sustained operating temperature range of minus 40 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. At its core is an uncooled, sun-safe microbolometer, long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) camera with an amorphous silicon detector, which provides a lower fixed pattern noise, while maintaining high resolution and sensitivity when exposed to the sun during daylight hours.
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