Force Control Industries introduces Positorq oil shear tension control brakes

A full line of Positorq oil shear tension control brakes from Force Control Industries provides torque control over the entire speed range, even down to 0 rpm. Operational speeds are controlled without chatter, stick slip or torque variation. Torque is controlled by pneumatic or hydraulic actuation pressure and is independent of speed. Sizes range from 53 Lb. Ft. up to 300,000 Lb. Ft., with continuous heat absorption capability up to 3000 thermal horsepower.

Oil shear technology eliminates normal maintenance and adjustment, allows smooth operation, and lasts up to 10-times longer than standard dry friction brakes. Totally enclosed housings make these brakes a solution for dusty applications.

Unlike dry brakes, oil shear technology utilizes a film of transmission fluid between the brake disc and the drive plate. As the fluid is compressed, the fluid molecules in shear transmit torque to the other side. Since most of the work is done through the fluid molecules in shear, wear is virtually eliminated, which eliminates the need for adjustments, common in dry braking systems.

In addition to transmitting torque, a fluid recirculation system assures the fluid is continually flowing through the friction area and carrying the heat to the housing for dissipation. This eliminates the major problem of heat buildup in the friction area of traditional dry brakes. Along with heat removal and torque transmission, the fluid serves to continually lubricate all components of the oil shear brake including bearings and splines, elongating overall service life of all of the internal components.

With noise levels below 50 dB Positorq brakes are quiet enough for operators to work comfortably in the same area.

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