Pepperl+Fuchs' M-LB Series Surge Protection Barriers protect mains power supply lines

Pepperl+Fuchs' M-LB Series Surge Protection Barriers fit various mains configurations and protects 115/230 V mains power supply lines against destructive power surges. These pluggable and pre-wired protection modules can be mounted on DIN rails. They feature front-sided indicators that deliver at-a-glance operating state and error message outputs for every protected line. They are also hot-swappable for in-the-field replacement, without the use of any tools.

M-LB series surge protectors are KEMA, UL and cUL listed. All devices come mounted as a combination of sockets and modules. Exchange modules can be ordered separately for maintenance needs. They are available for all common netforms, including1-pole surge protection, TN Net, 2 pole TT Net, TNC Net, TNS Net and 4 pole TT Net.

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