Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System cleans and dries hydraulic and lube oil

Oil Filtration Systems' Vacuum Dehydration Oil Purification System (VDOPS) helps extend the life of rotating equipment by maintaining optimal fluid cleanliness and original oil viscosity.

The VDOPS employs a vacuum distillation tower design and high CFM vacuum pump to extract virtually all water contamination from oil, including free,emulsified and dissolved water. Very low overall water content — as low as 20 ppm — can be achieved in hours. Entrained gases such as benzene, propane and methane are also removed by the vacuum distillation process.

Additionally, the VDOPS vacuum dehydrators use pleated microglass filter elements to remove particulates from oil. Particle counts to meet or exceed ISO 14/13/11 can be achieved. For applications that require varnish removal from oil, optional “granular adsorbent media” can be employed to remove soluble varnish.

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