NK Technologies' ASXP Current Sensing Switch has a user-adjustable setpoint from 1-80A

NK Technologies’ ASXP Current Sensing Switch is now available with a user-adjustable setpoint from 1-80A. ASXP Series Current Operated Switches are powered versions of the company’s current switches with integral time delay. For use with 24VAC/DC or 120VAC supplies, these switches are designed to deliver accuracy, precision tolerances, low hysteresis and an operation range between 40 and 100 hertz – functionality suitable for monitoring single and three-phase motors. They come standard with a solid-core enclosure and LED indicators for trip point contact status. 

In motor protection applications, these sensors provide electronic proof-of-operation and detect current draw changes in the motor caused by pumps running dry or impending bearing failure. The ASXP is made to be less expensive to install and serve as a non-intrusive alternative to differential pressure flow sensors or thermal switches. They are also designed to deliver quicker response times than Class 10 overload relays.

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