Moyno Small Pumps provide versatile pumping solutions for a range of applications

The Moyno Small Pumps are a solution for applications from clean, clear liquids to abrasive and corrosive fluids. They are designed for water sampling, chemicals, oily water, slurries, drainage and drum transfer among other applications in a range of industries. The Moyno Small Pump line includes metering pumps, mag drive pumps and general utility pumps.

Metering Pump

• Enhanced pumping elements and integral VFD/Motor controls
• Self-priming, high suction lift capability
• Low shear pumping action
• Simple, on-site maintenance for reduced costs

Mag Drive Pump

• Patented sealless, magnetic drive design provides zero leakage
• No mechanical seals are used, eliminating costly repairs
• Pulsation-free, low shear pumping action maintains product integrity
• Handles toxic, aggressive, caustic or even flammable and explosive fluids

General Utility Pump

• Economical, high-efficiency performance with broad application versatility
• Design simplicity reduces maintenance
• Provides accurate, repeatable, non-pulsating, low-shear flow
• Combines high performance with compact size

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