Metso's Nelprof 6 valve sizing software reduces engineering time and improves selection accuracy

Metso's Nelprof 6 valve sizing software features two new calculation modules which enable the selection of intelligent automated on/off valves and emergency valves. Special safety requirements, such as an actuator-sizing safety factor or a complete valve-assembly safety-integrity level, can be evaluated with the new tools in the program.

Nelprof 6 can be used to select all of Metso’s automated on/off and emergency valves. Performance analyses can be used to study valve controllability in a closed control loop. The module also includes multi-phase flow sizing as well as noise and cavitation prediction analysis.

The new on/off valve sizing tool allows the selection of all Metso metal- and soft-seated on/off valves with actuator sizing including adjustable safety factor and torque selection parameters.

The Nelprof 6 SIL module allows for both 1oo1 and 1oo1D PFD (Probability of Failure on Demand) final element calculations that take into account the use of a valve, an actuator and the partial-stroke test device Neles ValvGuard. In addition, one to several pneumatic components can be brought into the calculation.

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