LEDtronics' PAR38WF-18W-001A Series lamps replace floodlight bulbs

LEDtronics' PAR38WF-18W-001A Series lamps are LED replacements for PAR38-style floodlight bulbs. The PAR38WF-18W-001A Series comes with a softly diffused, domed lens that directs a beam of light in an omni-directional illumination pattern. Operating in a voltage input range of 90-290VAC, the lamps are able to replace halogen lamps up to 90 watts while consuming only 18 watts.

The PAR38WF-18W-001A Series is designed to provide high color quality in either 3000K warm or 5000K pure white light, and boast a CRI greater than 80 that enhances colors and safeguards their fidelity. The beam of 115 degrees generates brightness of up to 1560 lumens.

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