Ingersoll Rand's R-Series rotary screw air compressor features V-Shield technology

Ingersoll Rand's R-Series 37-45 kW (50-60hp) rotary screw air compressor is equipped with the same V-Shield technology as the larger 55-160 kW units. The V-Shield is designed to ensure that the compressor’s piping system is composed of stainless steel pipes, metal-flex hoses and elastomeric face seals to prevent leaks. The piping system is also configured to minimize the adverse effects of vibration, including loosening of connections, unwanted flexing in joints, air leaks and extreme noises.

Along with the V-Shield technology, the 37-45 kW compressor comes in fixed-speed or Nirvana Variable-Speed Drive (VSD) options. The VSD compressor is also equipped with a Hybrid Permanent Magnet motor.

The R-Series compressor is manufactured with a sequential cooling system. Independently mounted coolers reduce thermal stress, decrease discharge temperatures and lower the energy required to remove condensation in downstream air treatment.

Coupled with the sequential cooling system, the compressor’s Progressive Adaptive Control (PAC) continuously monitors filtration and temperatures. This control technology defines operating parameters and eliminates moisture build-up that can damage internal components of the compressor and result in unexpected downtime.

The integrated Total Air System (TAS) previously introduced on the 55-75kW Ingersoll Rand R-Series compressors is available on the 37-45 kW units. The TAS combines the dryer and filtration systems into a single package which eliminatesair leaks in the piping between units and results in better flow efficiency.

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