Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Analytics offers improved data visualization

Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Analytics is designed to maximize applied business intelligence (BI) and data visualization. The application utilizes Infor BI 10x as a foundation so that Infor EAM customers can more easily mine data, examine trends and establish meaningful insights for more accurate decision-making. Infor EAM Analytics is anticipated to be launched in conjunction with the latest version of Infor EAM Mobile, an application for the Apple iPad.

Features Include:

  • Multidimensional data – Flexible graphing and scalable access provides Infor EAM customers with the tools necessary to see reporting in a new ways, from multiple data locations.
  • Enriched user experience – Adhering to the mantra of user friendliness, Infor EAM Analytics connects the user experience with the themes of Infor10x, Infor’s standard of usability for all of its solutions.
  • Sustained mobility – The latest iteration of Infor EAM Mobile is focused on providing a stronger level of usability, while continuing to deliver functionality to enrich the user interface. Updates to the iPad app feature user-defined fields, synchronization options, scanning and widgets to safeguard optimal application performance. Perhaps the biggest benefit to EAM users is Infor’s continued focus on maintained mobility, which has been designed to require no third-party middleware, providing a quality mobile experience to meet customer and market demands.
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