Hyster's E80-120XN electric rider lift truck offers lowered operating costs and zero emissions

Hyster introduces the Hyster E80-120XN electric rider lift truck series. The upgraded 8,000 to 12,000 lbs. capacity lift truck series is built to deliver better performance, reliability and durability in electric lift truck applications.

The E80-120XN electric riders are designed to meet the same standards as ICE trucks in regards to acceleration, speed control and load-lift abilities, but also offer lower operating costs along with zero emissions. The lift truck series utilizes the Hyster Stability System (HSS) — a maintenance-free design and mechanical system built right into the truck to handle a variety of loads without compromising the stability of the truck.

In addition, a number of technological upgrades are featured in the E80-120XN lift truck series including a durable steer axle and power-assisted braking, which is designed to improve brake life while reducing operator braking efforts by 40 percent. The truck's AC traction and hydraulic motors have been built to handle the toughest duty cycle with reduced maintenance costs and enhanced productivity.

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