Honeywell's HW100 and HW200 auto-darkening-filter welding helmets combine safety and performance

Honeywell Safety Products' HW100 and HW200 auto-darkening-filter welding helmets feature shade 9-13 protection. The helmets' design combines the safety and performance of ADF filters with a helmet shell designed for improved comfort and increased productivity. With a light state of Shade 3 on the HW100 or Shade 4 on the HW200, these welding helmets offer a clear view of the work area during set up as well as pre- and post-fabrication activities. Immediately upon arc strike, the ADF darkens to Shade 10 on the HW100 or to a selected shade in the 9-13 range on the HW200, allowing for a consistently clear view of welds without repeatedly lifting the helmet.

The HW100 helmet features solar-powered Shade 10 ADF technology and is suited for general welding applications in operating temperatures ranging between -5 °C to +55 °C. The HW200 helmet features solar-powered, adjustable Shade 9-13 ADF technology as well as sensitivity and delay adjustments for customizable filter settings. Designed for experienced welders in operating temperatures between -10 °C and +55 °C, the HW200 also offers Grind Mode functionality that ensures the ADF will not darken when used during clean-up work.   

The HW100 and HW200 are both certified to the requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA Z94.3 and EN379 standards and come with a two-year warranty on the auto-darkening filter.

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