Frommelt's Vertiguard Automated Barrier Panel protects operators from manufacturing processes

Frommelt Safety has reintroduced its Vertiguard Automated Barrier Panel, adding several upgrades. The Vertiguard is a bottom-up pneumatic panel that provides physical separation between machine operators and manufacturing processes. An alternative to light curtains or area scanners, it is suitable for small interaction points with single or double robotic cells, part assembly, and conveyor openings. The vertically rising system also allows for overhead crane loading.

The most noticeable difference in the new Vertiguard is its standard size, which has been increased to 110" wide and 96" tall (from 72" wide and 86" tall). Other upgrades include:

  • Improved finger guard using a 40 oz. FR vinyl sewn-in loop design to eliminate pinch point
  • New brand cylinder and flange mount with center support
  • Improved sliding panel design for smoother operation
  • More options, including eliminating the toe gap to allow for lower stored panel heights
  • Improved interlock switch brackets and additional switch options, including AB and Jakob Safety
  • Galvanized steel back panel and cylinder cover
  • Availability of 3D modeling for easy insertion into project drawings
  • Improved pneumatic hose and fitting quality
  • Photo-eye strip option to prevent door movement when obstructions are sensed
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