Frommelt Safety's Guardian Defender automated barrier door protects employees from hazards

Frommelt Safety's Guardian Defender automated barrier door is built to protect employees from the movement of automated stretch-wrap machines as well as other automated machine movement zones. The door has an interlock safety switch configuration and control system with the ability to lock the curtain in the down position. 

The Guardian Defender's automated door separates machine operators and manufacturing processes. The Guardian Defender also contains process-driven hazards such as flying debris, excess noise, mist/liquids and spray, smoke, fumes or exposure to other common manufacturing process by-products. Additionally, the roll-up design leaves a minimal footprint into the typically crowded manufacturing cell.

The Guardian Defender automated barrier door features:

  • PLe hold-down mechanism, which locks the door in "down" position to allow for machine "de-energizing" time
  • Redesigned rotary cam limit switch, encoder positioning and variable frequency drive, to control the curtain's operating speed and position
  • Non-contact interlock switches, manufactured by Jokab, Pilz, Schmersal and Allen Bradley. These provide up to PLe specifications per EN ISO 13849-1 when integrated properly.
  • Designed with new ISO 13849-1 specification and EN 10218-2 specifications in mind
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