Flir's electrical meters are designed to increase user safety

Flir’s electrical meters – the Flir DM93 digital multimeter and Flir CM83 and Flir CM78 clamp meters – incorporate features specifically designed to increase user safety, including a dual-LED worklight that is useful if the power goes out or when working in poorly lit areas. Also increasing safety, Bluetooth connectivity enables users to set up their meters so they can monitor readings remotely on their Android devices, useful when working in hazardous inspection areas.

Another new product engineered with safety in mind is the Flir VP50, a compact, CAT IV-rated NCV detector that incorporates an LED worklight for illuminating dark areas. Also enhancing safety are the dual voltage alarms, which use a combination of a visual (red LED) alarm and vibration feedback to alert users to the presence of voltage when working in noisy locations.

CM78 Bluetooth app
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