Exair's Dual 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Coolers offer a cooling capacity of 5,600 Btu/hr

Exair's Dual 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Cooler Systems are designed to keep electrical enclosures cool with 20° F (-7° C) air while resisting heat and corrosion that could adversely affect the internal components. The cooling capacity of up to 5,600 Btu/hr. is suitable for large electrical enclosures and high heat loads. Models with lower cooling capacities for NEMA 12, 4 and 4X enclosures are also available.

Exair Cabinet Coolers circulate 20° F (-7° C) air throughout the enclosure to prevent high temperature malfunctions. They mount through a standard electrical knockout while maintaining the NEMA 12, 4 or 4X rating of the enclosure. Cabinet Cooler Systems include an automatic drain filter separator to ensure no moisture passes to the inside of the electrical enclosure. Dual 316 Stainless Steel Cabinet Coolers are available with cooling capacities of 4,000, 4,800 and 5,600 Btu/hr. and are UL Listed and CE compliant.

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