eMaint MX Mobile makes asset management mobile

eMaint Enterprises has introduced the mobile version of its eMaint X3 CMMS software, called eMaint MX Mobile. eMaint MX Mobile is designed to run on smart phones, tablets, mobile computers with or without bar code scanners, or any device that is browser-enabled. eMaint MX Mobile delivers a broad range of functionality to the mobile user in the areas of work requests, work orders, inspection rounds, parts inventory, asset tracking, and meter readings.

eMaint MX Mobile is designed to:

Save time and paper by managing work orders on mobile devices in real time. If maintenance technicians carry a smartphones, tablets, or other devices with a browser, they can use MX Mobile to update work orders throughout the day in real time. When a technician logs into MX Mobile, all of the open work orders that are assigned to each technician are presented in the "My Work Orders" screen. Technicians can then select a work order to tackle, and all of the pertinent details are presented on screen. They can update the work order, record labor hours, record parts charges, and even close out the work order if it is completed. MX Mobile also lets maintenance technicians create new work orders or work requests, so there is no need to wait until a computer is available to get those important details into eMaint X3.

Accurately and efficiently keep track of technicians’ labor time on work orders through the Sign-On/Sign-Off feature. Maintenance teams need an easy method of recording job start times and end times to accurately capture labor hours on work orders. eMaint X3’s Sign-On/Sign-Off process is designed to improve capturing labor hours. Technicians can perform the function on MX Mobile or via the Sign-On/Sign-Off Wizard on the X3 Dashboard. As soon as the technician is ready to begin work on his selected work order, he clicks the Sign-On button. The MX Mobile system captures and displays the date and time that sign-on occured. Technicians are able to sign-on at the start of their task, and sign-off once it has been completed. The technician can repeat the steps multiple times on a work order if the work is being performed in stages.

Confirm that the work performed by technicians is satisfactory with Work Order Signature Sign-Off. If a client is in field services, property management or in facilities management performing work for internal customers, they need an efficient way to get immediate confirmation that the customer is satisfied with and accepts the work that has been completed by technicians. eMaint MX’s Work Order Signature Sign-Off feature delivers this ability. As soon as the technician has completed the work, he can pull open the work order on his touchscreen tablet or other mobile device and review with the client the work that was performed. Then, simply by selecting the Signature Sign-Off action, the client can draw his signature and date on the screen, indicating satisfaction with the job.

Perform Inspection Rounds with efficiency and accuracy. Maintenance teams can be provided with a method for conducting their PM Inspections so that they can record inspection completions quickly and accurately. The Mobile Inspections screen enables technicians to view their open, assigned inspections by either entering or scanning the WO #, Asset ID, or Assignment ID. If the mobile device has a barcode scanner, the barcode on the asset can be scanned to display the inspection that is due to be performed. The screen enables the ability to auto-capture the start and stop times of the inspection, view the inspection instructions, record any notes, and indicate if the inspection is a Pass or Fail. If the inspection is a Pass, that inspection work order is automatically closed, and the tech is ready to proceed to the next inspection. If the inspection is a Fail, that inspection work order is automatically closed, a corrective action work order is automatically created and appears on screen, and the tech can update the brief and detailed descriptions for that new work order.

Streamline the process for issuing parts, returning parts, and making parts adjustments by using barcoding in combination with MX Mobile. MX Mobile provides the ability to produce barcodes for parts, either directly from the part record or from a report. Once the storeroom environment has been set up so that part item numbers can be scanned from a barcode rather than manually entered, technicians can use MX Mobile on a device that has a barcode scanner attached.

Materials requests allow for greater management and control over inventory. Think of a Materials Request as a request for permission to allow a part to be charged out on a work order. A method of “checks and balances” to ensure a review process before parts are actually charged out. Maintenance supervisors may want certain users to have the ability to request that parts be used on a work order, without giving them permission to charge the parts out directly. With this feature, technicians can submit a "materials request" for approval. Once submitted, a user with sufficient permission, such as a supervisor, storeroom manager, or other senior user, can approve the open parts requests. Once a request is approved, the part is charged out of inventory to the work order.

Track assets as they move from site to site. Use Asset Location Tracking on MX Mobile to track and record the movement of mobile assets as they are relocated from site to site. Designed to work with or without a barcode scanner, Asset Location Tracking is designed for any organization whose assets need to be tracked as they move from one location to another. When the asset is being relocated, the user simply selects the asset on screen by either scanning the barcode on the asset or manually entering the asset ID. The screen then displays with the selected asset and its current location, and the user is prompted to select the new location from a pre-populated list. The movement date auto-populates and the user has the option to record notes. After the record is saved, the new location information is updated in X3 and the change log on the asset is updated to record the previous and new locations and the date the movement occurred.

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