Dwyer Instruments' UFB and UFC flowmeters calculate flow velocity ultrasonically

Dwyer Instruments' UFB and UFC Ultrasonic Flowmeter Sets use the transit time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively. Two sensors are placed on the exterior of the pipe, and each transmits an ultrasonic pulse through the pipe and fluid to the other. The difference in the transit times of the two pulses is used to calculate the flow velocity. This is the permanent model, allowing the user to mount the converter on a surface or pipe and clamp on the sensors and guide bar.  The design is intended for mechanical devices using ideally homogeneous liquids that contain no air pockets. The use of transit time allows the flowmeter to be unaffected by pressure or temperature changes. The Series UFB and UFC come with an IP65 rating, protecting it from dust and direct water contact. The Series UFC has data logging capability and both additionally come with USB output as well as 4 to 20 mA pulse output capabilities.

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