Dwyer Instruments' LOFM flow sensor works in dirty-water applications

Dwyer Instruments' Series LOFM Low-Flow Electromagnetic Flow Sensor is a liquid mag meter that uses the conductivity of fluids to measure flow. The LOFM can be combined with the Series RTI for flow rate and total display. This meter comes with a variety of factory-installed adapters and O-rings. The LOFM comes in either 3/4’- or 3/8’-inch pipe. The Series LOFM can measure flow rates as low as 0.03 gallons per minute. The meter is housed in HDPE plastic. With no metal parts, the LOFM is corrosion resistant and compatible with a range of chemicals. With no moving parts, the meter can handle dirty water applications where moving parts might cause jamming or clogging. The LOFM comes standard with Flaretek fittings, but NPT adapters are available.

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