Dwyer's IPFS insertion paddlewheel flow sensor is designed for high accuracy

Dwyer Instruments' IPFS insertion paddlewheel flow sensor is available for pipe sizes ranging from 3 inches to 40 inches and available in brass, PVC or stainless steel. The Series IPFS has an available hot tap model with a bronze or stainless steel valve assembly. The bearings are made from ruby jewel to reduce the coefficient of friction and maintain high accuracy. The Series IPFS comes with a variety of saddle fittings that come in iron or brass. The Series IPFS is designed for large pipe and clean water applications. The IPFS uses the rotation of an impeller to measure flow. Liquid flow pushes the rotor and the rotation is detected by a Hall-effect sensor. The output is a current sinking pulse signal which can be connected to the Series RTI to display flow rate and total or the Series BAT for a 4 to 20 mA signal conversion.
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