Cooper's 01E and 02E split roller bearings offer increased load capacities

Cooper Roller Bearings has increased the load capacities of many of its split roller bearings, with L10 life that is designed to be 23% to 135% longer than normal. The 01E and 02E bearings are fully interchangeable with the Cooper 01 and 02 Series bearings.

The 01E and 02E Series are completely split to the shaft, which eliminates the need to disassemble all components on a shaft for service or replacement. The bearings feature the same sealing and energy efficiency as their counterparts in the 01 and 02 Series. They also share the same exterior dimensions. Rugged brass cages make the 01E and 02E bearings suitable for underground applications and other challenging environments. The new design is now available in medium-duty and heavy-duty bearings with bore sizes from 6.5 inches to 12 inches (160mm to 300mm).

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