Cooper's Metalux HB LED offers energy efficiency for multiple mounting heights

Cooper's Metalux HB LED features optics that are available in multiple distributions, three lumen packages (9,000, 18,000 and 23,000) and two color temperatures (4000K and 5000K).

Based on the lumen packages offered, the HB LED is designed to satify multiple mounting heights – even some low-bay applications. The proprietary low-power, low-brightness LED module assembly is designed to offer high optical performance. The HB LED offers 91+ lumens per watt and provides savings up to 43% when compared to traditional HID luminaires. The HB LED features both general and aisle distributions and has a 55 °C ambient rating, and excellent 80+ CRI.

The HBLED series offers numerous options to satisfy every application need including an integral occupancy sensor, multiple mounting options (pendant, chain, toggle, hook and loop), multiple lens options. A door frame and lens assembly option is for demanding environments. In addition, Cooper’s F-Bay Modular Power Supply option allows external access for safe and easy servicing.  There is no need to remove lamps or reflector to disconnect the fixture’s power. Access to the individual fixture’s power supply allows servicing without turning off all the fixtures or disrupting occupants. In addition, an optional dimming driver is available.

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