Clarke's Focus II Rider Scrubber with Boost keeps plants clean and green

Clarke's Focus II Rider Scrubber with Boost is built to meet green cleaning requirements. Available with a 28- or 34-inch disk deck or a 28-inch Boost deck, the Focus II Rider works with diverse cleaning applications. Boost is designed to eliminate chemicals, slippery floors and undesirable odors by offering floor finish removal without the use of chemicals. With Boost, the Focus II Rider uses up to 70% less solution, extends equipment pad life by 40%, provides longer battery runtime.

The Focus II Rider offers:

  • Up to 155 minutes of continuous scrubbing without a dump or refill
  • Increased down pressure of up to 225 pounds
  • Maneuverability and water pickup with a wide turning radius and heavy-duty steel side skirts
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